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1950's Style Or NOT

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Hi M - squad!

Welcome back to yet another one of my blogs. You have probably read the title and thought to yourself "let's have a look at this!" Well thank you 😀. So today I will be talking about 1950 fashion!! I can't wait!!

1950 Style OR NOT

So, I'd say YES to 1950's fashion Or NOT.

Personally, I think it's trendy to mix it up! Just because you're wearing 1950's fashion DOESN'T mean you have to wear it ALL the time. Everything in moderation (seriously)😂

A couple of other 1950's trends:

1 - my 1950's inspired outfit

- hair accessory

- knitted cardigan

- glasses

- brightly coloured dress

2 - pencil or circle skirts

3 - peter pan collar tops (the one in the picture is lace)

My outfit was inspired by Katherine Johnson (mathematician for NASA who at the time worked out calculations manually) - She was soooo talented that some of the astronauts refused to leave Earth unless Johnson manually checked the equations!

To find out more about Katherine Johnson click the Picture of her below!

Thank you for reading this post! I hope it inspires you to try a 1950's inspired outfit and take action just like the incredible and inspiring Katherine Johnson!

From Maya Glitters 😀

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