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5 Brands I'm Excited To See at LFW

Hey msquad welcome back to yet another blog post. LFW is just around the corner and today I thought I'd take this opportunity to showcase some up and coming designers I'm excited to watch this season.

1. Abigail Ajobi

Abigail Ajobi is a new up-and-coming brand which recently launched in Selfridges. Last season's collection was truly mesmerizing and it was a beautiful burst of colour, happiness and culture. All the patterns colours and textures are unique and define the true meaning of fashion.


As seen on a range of celebrities from Becyoncé to Erykah Badu the designers success has truly skyrocketed in a short space of time. Each FEBEN look tells its own story and each outfit is sure to become timeless. I'm looking forward to seeing what FEBEN does next!


RAY CHU uses bold shoulders and silhouettes with unique cutout positions as well as unique embellishments and patterns. Last season's collection featured long cloack-like pieces and layered tops and jackets.

4. HAI

Hai offers quality clothing and accessories made of silk. I truly admire the House Of Hai dresses. They are dainty and cute clearly carefully designed. And their bags are also extremely high quality with repetitive patterns I love the minimalistic vibe given off by the brand.

5. Masha Popova

I love Masha Popova. With vibrant colours and swirly designs. The abstract shapes really bring each look to life. Last season's collection was such an explosion of creativity, delirious butterflies and distressed jeans! I'm so excited to see what's in store!!

Thank you for reading today's post! Hope you enjoyed it!

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