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Cocoa Girl Magazine !

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

This incredible magazine will be launching shortly! I can't wait.

Below there is some background info. Check out the link to purchase!

Cocoa Girl Magazine featuring amazing cover girl Faith

Serlina  Boyd had an empowering idea to help build her six-year-old daughters  confidence after she experienced difficulties at school because of the  colour of her skin. She decided to publish and design the Cocoa Girl  book and magazine to empower black girls around the world who are more  likely to be insulted by their looks by the age of 8 years old. The  Cocoa Girl photography book features over 27 black girls and is  full of  affirmations and quotes. The book project then led them to produce the FIRST BLACK GIRL MAGAZINE IN THE UK, Cocoa Girl magazine which will be  launching in July 2020.


An affirmation from the beautiful Cocoa Girl Book

Cocoa Girl also created their "Cocoa Girl Book". A photography book full of quotes affirmations and beautiful photos.

Cocoa Girl Founders: Faith and Serlina (left to right).

The Cocoa Girl Magazine Is SO Cool It Contains links. Here Are a Couple Of Them:




1. I love the Cocoa Girl Magazine Fashion Pages. It gives you a couple of fashion tips for summer

2. I love the Cocoa Girl Excellence Section (featuring 10 inspirational black women and girls)!

Maya Glitters holding Cocoa Girl Magzine

In picture above:

Cute pink jumper

Cool Denim Dungarees on top!

Multi - coloured pom pom ears

This look is so easy to achieve yet it's is sooo effective! I chose to wear bright pink because it really compliments the bright colours from the magazine and the blue denim.

Get the look!

Pink Jumper - https://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0864434003.html

Denim Dungarees - https://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0811573002.html

The top I've picked out from H and M is slightly lighter than the one I'm wearing in the picture, but it still compliments the dungarees perfectly! Why not give them a go.

Here are MY reasons:

- super easy

- super simple

- super cute

- super effective

Here is the video I put together (Cocoa Girl Magazine Review)

See if you can spot my denim dungarees!

I Hope you enjoyed this don't forget to shop from Cocoa Girl!

From Maya Glitters 😀


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