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Amarah London VIP Fashion Tea Party

I love the fashion scene in London because it's filled with so many incredible emerging designer talents. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Amarah London's brand new VIP collection viewing. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the event and in today's blog post I will be sharing my experience with you!


amarah london fashion tea party

Dress - Amarah London

Shoes - ASOS

Necklace - Maya Glitters Jewels

Disclaimer - *dress was gifted by Amarah London*

The Look

princess sitting in large chair

As cliché as it may sound, in this dress, I genuinely felt like a princess. The tiered layered tulle made the dress feel light and airy to wear and when seen it looked stunning. Personally, I love the gems in between the ruffles at the front. It just adds uniqueness to the look and I have genuinely never seen anything like it before!

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The Show

Amarah London's collection was a pastel paradise executed so flawlessly.

The lightweight materials and soft mesh accents together looked so edgy and cool!

Here are a couple of my fave looks:


fashion tea party

As soon as the models walked the runway, I was in awe! I admire the way many of the collection pieces were layered. Take Alexis' runway look (pictured above). It shows a tulle fringe-like mesh oversized t-shirt dress layered on top of a sapphire strap dress. By using this technique her looks become way chicer.


How cool is this look? I'm OBSESSED with the way Amarah London layered tulle with this dress! It looks so cool and sophisticated at the same time. I love the ombre effect in the skirt.


fashion model

I really like the way the dress colour and the tulle on the denim jacket match. Amarah London really took advantage of the laws of Colour Coordination to create this showstopping look.


OMG! Where do I start? I just had to include Amarah herself wearing this adorable dress. The oversized bow along with the layered tulle makes the perfect combination!


The wavy texture on the shorts are so innovative and I love the depth they add to the look!

(above left in the video) - The silk tracksuit paired with ankle-high socks and sneakers with pink details has a feminine flair mixed with modern activewear!

fashion model at photoshoot

After The Show

After the show, everyone was BUZZING with excitement. You CANNOT beat post-show energy!

I caught up with VIP guest influencers @monagofamily_ and asked them all about how they found the show and their fave looks!

I was obsessed with their holographic sequin jackets: too cute!!!!

I also interviewed the beautiful Dior (on left). @keishaomilana

As a fashion blogger, my attention was instantly drawn to their beautiful product display so as soon as the show was over I had a quick browse!

Fashion Friends

amarah london fashion tea party

@little.lady.c @sheilachanell @danigeddesphototgraphy @beaubingirls

Just before I left I got a pic with Selina (the CEO and designer behind the collection)! She was so nice to me and I'm so appreciative of her support!

A mini vlog will be up on my Youtube Channel soon! - STAY TUNED!

Thank you for reading today's blog post!

Stay Stylish,

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