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Asian Fashion

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hi M - squad it's Maya Glitters here! Today is all about Asian Fashion!

Picture 1 - Kimono

Picture 2 - Silk Jacket

As you can probably guess, traditionally in Asia people wear: kimonos, wide leg trousers, silk jackets and many more!

Wondering how to add a hint of Asia into your next look? It's very simple.

Simple Ways To Add Some Asian Flavor To Your Wardrobe

#1 Layer with a kimono

#2 Wear a blossom patterned blouse

#3 Use silk - this could be a belt, accessory or a light - weight summer dress.

Photo Credit: H&M - Patterned Jacket £14.99

Even though this is not a kimono, it is very similar because there are no fastenings (zips/button etc) and it is three - quarter length on the arms.

Thank you for reading!

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