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Clear Pencil Cases Trend

Hi M - squad it's Maya Glitters here! Today is all about the new clear pencil case trend.

Pencil Case Trend - Maya Glitters

Photo Credit - Shein


I think this trend is super cute because:

- it's aesthetic (looks awesome)

- It's easy to use (you can see everything inside, no rummaging around for pens 😂

There are literally millions of different pencil cases you can purchase and millions of different designs!

My favourite designs -

- holographic pink/purple

- botanical (flowers or plants)

- unicorns or glitter

⬅️ soo cute!

Photo Credit - Shein

What's your favourite pattern?

Something I have noticed ⬇️

Could this be the next big thing?


I think it could become a trend because they are simple and affordable. They are also super cute and #glitterperfect !

What do you think?

Photo Credit - Shein

Thank you for reading! What's your favourite pencil case?

Stay Stylish,

Maya Glitters😄


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