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How To Develop Your Inner Style - P3

Hi M - squad, it's Maya Glitters here! today is the final day of "How To Develop Your Inner Style" - YAY!! Also available on my podcast The Maya Glitters Show!

How To Develop Your Inner Style - Maya Glitters - Rai Elle

OMG! I look like Rai - Elle (same camera angle and everything)!

Up level What You Have

The final step to "Developing Your Inner Style" is to use what you have! Now you have worked out your passions you must use what you have (in terms of clothing). Using my example: a sporty girl, she probably has a plain tee and leggings. She probably ALSO has a vest for training when it's hot🔥! So... why not layer them! To find out more about layering check out Activewear In Style.

Another simple way to upgrade/uplevel a look is by just sticking couple of gems on the clothing item. #glamup 😂.

Once you have levelled - up your outfit then all you have to do is SHOW IT OFF PROUDLY!

Rai - Elle - Inner Style File

Rai - Elle always wears something new and fresh. From bantu knots (middle image) to hair buns (right image), she's not afraid to break the rules! She also one of my style icons!

Thank you so much for staying with me throughout this series!

Stay Stylish,

Maya Glitters😀


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