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Eco - Friendly Kids Fashion Brands

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Hi M - squad! It's Maya Glitters, and today I will be telling you about a couple of sustainable/eco friendly brands. Staying sustainable (constantly eco - friendly) is essential!

Sustainable Kids Fashion Brands


H&M isn't completely sustainable but they have a dedicated line called The Conscious Collection.

Reasons they are sustainable:

- clothes are made in a fair trade atmosphere

- made of organic/recycled hemp

- made of organic/recycled cotton


Zalando isn't an actual "brand" as such, but it's a directory showcasing multiple different brands! Once again, Zalando is only partially sustainable. But. it's better than nothing! Zalando introduced "the sustainability flag" in 2016 "which highlights products with a sustainable benefit".

- some the benefits include:

- made from organic materials

- made from recycled materials

- etc..


Jackalo thinks about their impact on the environment because it was founded by long - time environmentalist Marianna Sachse.

Ways that Jackalo is sustainable:

- organic/sustainable farming

- Recycling all scrap fabric from production process and upcycling big scraps

- focus on using energy efficient factories

- and more...

Thank you for reading

These are only a couple of sustainable brands. Why not do your own research and find some more? To see more sustainable style posts check out Sustainable Fashion.

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