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3 Ways To Wear A Fab Dab Do T - shirt

Hi M - squad it's Maya Glitters here! Today is all about 3 ways to style a Fab Dab Do T - shirt!

Fab Dab Do - Maya Glitters

Photo Credit - Splattermake - Fab Dab Do

What is Fab Dab Do?

"It contains a notebook to develop ideas and stories around the characters, a T-shirt, themed stencils, tape, detail pen and unique fabric paint dabbers. The dabbers have been specially developed to make stencilling as easy and mess-free as possible"

All you have to do is -

1 . Take a plain t - shirt that can be up - cycled

2 . Choose a stencil kit to use

3 . Dab colours through the stencils to create a custom t - shirt!

I think the Fab Dab Do kits are really cool because they are combining two AWESOME activities (art AND fashion)!

3 Ways To Wear A Fab Dab Do T - shirt


I think this look is super cute and simple! Your denim skirt doesn't have to have a watercolour design (it can be plain as well)!


This look is achieved with the Fab Dab Do t - shirt and cute camo trousers. Once again the trousers don't have to be camo, but looks best with some sort of design. If you want to take this look one step further, I recommend adding and accessory (for example a plain bracelet or necklace).


Finally, I think this tee will look cute with some denim dungarees (shorts or trousers). Even though the dungarees will cover most of the design at the front, some of the colours may still be visible which will look AWESOME with the dungarees!

Thank you for reading this blog post! I hope you enjoyed it!

BTW - if you would like to purchase your own Fab Dab Do kit, check out the link⬇️

Fab Dab Do Kits - https://splattermake.co.uk/shop/

Stay Stylish,

Maya Glitters😄


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