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Fashion Week Outfits Review

Hey msquad, welcome back to another post! This month is by far one of the most exciting months of the year because fashion week is next month! August is all about preparing outfits, contacting brands and also contacting photographers. So in excitement for the season of fashion week to come, I thought it would be a good idea to rate my past outfits.

100% one of my fav looks ever. I love the coordination between the jeans and the jean corset. I also love the elegant details such as the gold aviators and the dainty layered necklace.

I would give this look a solid 10/10.

This was my outfit for the HOI London Fashion Week Show. Personally, I love the reflective decor blazer and feel that it's a beautiful unique statement piece. I also love the golden reflective trainers that correspond with it. However, I do feel that this outfit would have been nice with a pop of a bit more colour rather than just black and grey.

I'd give this an 8/10 overall.

And finally, I have the look I wore to the Sabirah, By Deborah Latouche London Fashion week presentation. I really like this look because its playful fun and bold. The bold shoulders on the blazer add a really striking touch to the outfit, along with the skirt with similar colours to the blazer. I just feel that it's very coordinated as a whole however it is still very atypical/unusual and fashionable!

10/10 for me

Thank you for reading today's post! Hope you enjoyed it!

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