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Fashionable Kids Face Masks

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Hi M - squad! It's Maya Glitters! Today I will be telling you about a couple of cute fashion masks I have found! You are probably like me - you want a fashionable face mask but just can't find any. Am I right? Well, I have carefully selected a couple of glitterperfect face masks! Yes, I did make up the word glitterperfect - it's my new signature word. The same way Roald Dahl invented whizzpopping, I invented glitterperfect!

Fashionable Kids Face Masks

The Face Masks:

1. My Face Mask

This face mask is so glitterperfect! All of the profits when this face mask is bought goes to charity! On my face mask I have a unicorn design #iloveunicorns but there are many options! These face masks are carefully handmade.

2. Photo - Claire's Accessories - £8.00

I love this tie dye rainbow face mask! It "adds a bit of fun to a safety essential".

3.Photo - Shein - £3.99

Stay safe and in style with this expression face mask. It looks similar to the popular Kawaii drawing style which originated in Japan. "Kawaii" actually means means cute. To find out more click Kawaii facts.

4.Photo - River Island - £6.00

As you have probably noticed I have "featured" two tie dye face masks. I chose to do this because I think that they are going to become a HUGE trend! What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this! Thank you for reading!

From Maya Glitters😀


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