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Frobelles Fashion!

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Hi M - Squad! It's Maya Glitters and today I'm going to be telling you all about Frobelles!

Frobelles Fashion

I just LOVE the Frobelles merch!

Frobelles was founded by a mother and Daughter duo Yvonne (mother) and Alyssa (daughter). They started because they wanted to empower children to love their natural Afro hair around the world.

Frobelles encourages children to care for, champion and love their beautiful hair whilst having fun through fashion and play!

There are 3 main Frobelle characters:


Don't you just love her laid back style topped off with a bright rainbow top! Casual, cute!

I love the way she wears her hair up in a big bunch and bandana to top it off!


OMG! Kelli is super cute! I love her oversized pink hair bobbles and her ripped jeans are sooo stylish. I just love the way she finishes the look with a cool belt and star earrings! She is DEFINITELY making a statement.


Krista's style is super sporty. The patches on her leggings allow her to up level her look.

Why not try adding your own patches to old jeans/ trousers?

I absolutely love all the Frobelles characters, but my favourite has to be Kelli!

Make sure you check them out by clicking the link below!


Thank you for reading!

From Maya Glitters😀


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