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Frobelles Phone Case Review

Hi M - squad it's Maya Glitters! Today is the Frobelles Phone Case review! I can't wait!

This morning the Frobelles phone case came in the post! Below is a video review!


I want to THANK Frobelles for sending me this case (I LOVE it).😊

Phone Case Review:

Frobelles Phone Case - Maya Glitters

I received the hot - pink Frobellemoji POP phone case! l really like the fact it is extremely bright and colourful. I also think that it's awesome that the Frobelles look like stickers! I feel that it makes it seem a bit more edgy and chic!

Product Q and A - Questions you probably have!😂

Question 1

Q: Is hot - pink the only colour it comes in?

A: No, it comes in many more colours available on their website - https://www.frobelles.com/

Question 2

Q: Does it fit all phone sizes?

A: It depends on the phone case you purchase, there are different styles with different phone case sizes available.

Question 3

Q: Are there other styles

A: There are many different styles available on the Frobelles website.

Question 4

Q: Will it make my phone look chunky?

A: Absolutely NOT! In fact, the case I got was very slim and sleek looking!

Question 5

Q: Will it make my phone slippery?

A:The case has a matte finish which means it does not have a slippery feel! It is very easy to hold and grip.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Go check out Frobelles! For more backgroung info please check out Frobelles Fashion blog post!

From Maya Glitters😊


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