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Global Kids Fashion Week 2021

I think if you asked any kid fashionista about their fashion week aspirations, they would name Mini Mode. I am so grateful to be able to say that this is my 3rd season! Mini Mode has been the highlight of fashion week for me year on year and I'm so excited to tell you all about it! The event is amazing!

I wore Chases Closet! I think that the jumper dress looks really cool and contemporary when styled with the the red buckle - belt. And of course the brightly coloured hair clips!

About Mini Mode -

global kids fashion week 2021 mini mode fashion show maya  glitters

"Mini Mode is the creation of Amanda Rabor, creator of Isossy Children a global kids fashion brand in collaboration with a network of creatives, influencers, marketing experts, visionaries, media partners and sponsors wanting to establish a consistent platform for the kids fashion market which showcases both emerging designers and major kids brands during London Fashion Week.

Mini Mode is where fashion VISIONARIES and the kids fashion market collides, creating the new generation of the UK kids market.

Each Collaborator, Contributor, Media Partner, In uencer and Global Ambassador is what makes this project unique and fast-tracked for success.

We are PASSIONATE about kids and that’s exemplified in the exceptional individual work that we do. This platform is about EMPOWERMENT for kids and building SELF ESTEEM whilst contributing a business and fashion model for the UK industry that promotes inclusivity on every level.

We’re working on informing the choices of the next generation and showing them that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. In this time of global Social Media influence, UK kids need an event which is reflective of their global counterparts and to feel included and a part of the fashion industry. Mini Mode fills this gap."

- Taken From Mini Mode

Backstage -

Backstage was awesome! I soaked up all of the fashion inspo everywhere! I also spoke to the fashion stylist @aftonanyachecreation and she started a trend! Don't forget to tag her on Insta if you hop on this trend!

So, essentially, the idea is that instead of wearing jewelled hair slides in your hair, you put them on your laces. How cool is that?

I'm literally obsessed and it looks so cute!

She also put some hair clips on the tongue of the shoe to add that contemporary feel!


Aftonanya (the stylist) also added a cute heart and the letter M to my shoes. I just love the way she added accessories onto the shoes because it's something that doesn't always cross your mind. I am guilty of just thinking about clothing.

The Show Highlights

Above are a couple of the shows highlights. But to watch the full show visit their website at - https://www.mini-mode.co.uk/mini-mode-virtual-runway-show-february-2021/

The show is awesome! To see everyone's hard work pay off in the finished product feels incredible.

The Designers

1. Chases Closet - Chases Closet is every fashionista’s quickest avenue to unparalleled style and confidence

2. Kate Hill - Undoubtedly one of my faves! Kate launched her new collecting "Oh Sugar", featuring bright, colourful and glittery items!

3. Maison Loulabelle - Africa’s leading childrenswear brand!

4. She's Fierce By Cara - She's Fierce is a ground-breaking collection for girls with achondroplasia.

5. Rock and Mouse - They create stylish yet playful items for both girls and boys age 0-10 years.

6. Neeva D London - Neeva D London sells timeless dresses made from ethically sourced fabrics.


A huge congratulations to Zayn (left) and Zia (right). They were both incredible presenters! And I'm so proud of them! They did so so well! And all of our hard work paid off!

Go follow them on Insta - @zayn.ways and zerina.zia .


A definite highlight and show to remember!

Thank you so so much to the Mini Mode team that made it possible ✨✨

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed today's post!

Stay Stylish,

Maya Glitters✨


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