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HOI London Fashion Week SS22

The best time of the year: Fashion Week!

I decided to put together a pattern coordinated look by using denim as a base. Pattern coordination is immensely important when putting together an impactful outfit.

1. Korn Taylor

Korn Taylor put on a very elegant cohesive collection. I really admire the way they pushed past boundaries. Commonly, mixing prints is frowned upon. However, Korn Taylor mixed floral prints with holographic patterns! Unexpected yet very high fashion!

2. Ana De Sa

This collection took my breath away. The beautiful lace details and delicate necklines were very haute-couture.

3. Shaleena Nowbuth

The tulle sides are such a beautiful feature which I have never seen before! I love this look and the monochrome blue only really elevates the outfit.

4. Postcode Fashion London

A very cool, trendy collection that mixes vintage with casual wear. Lots of cool drapes and contrasting prints

5. Jennifer Younger Designs - Jewellery

Jennifer Younger designs consisted of a number of bold gold and silver jewellery pieces. Personally, I could see the jewellery styled with Haute-couture pieces such as bold shouldered-shirts/ tulle.

6. Young Godz

7. Active Kids Wear by Victoria Venczel

The flowy sleeves were extremely ornate and the embroidery was perfection! I also really liked the round collars it definitely gave me vintage vibes.

8. Agnes Krivanics

In three words: sleek, sophisticated and stylish.

9. N8 by Nathan VanDeVelde

N8 was a very unique bright colourful collection. I loved their use of organza and flowy material. I also loved how they used a tie-dye design on the suit (to the side).

The unstructured alternative headpieces were contemporary and I loved them! Definitely, a trend to look out for.

10. Bladimir Sigua

This was an extremely delicate beautiful collection. Definitely something "high-fashion" I can see the average person wearing. Their pieces really do elevate any look!

11. Athea Couture

A truly elegant collection. I loved all the jewel details and the interesting sleeve shapes. I also really liked the way that the trail at the back of many of the dresses draped beautifully. This was 100% on of my show highlights!

12. HARRIE - The Label

I felt that this collection was really cohesive and carefully put together.

13. Grand Finale: SWAG HQ (Street/Dance Wear)

This show was literally so cool! Instead of solely walking like a traditional runway, Swag HQ put on a whole performance!!!!!!!!

Overall fashion week was a success. It was so refreshing to see the new designers showcasing new fresh designs!


Shirt, Top and Jeans (all Nasty Gal)

Jewellery - Maya Glitters Jewels

london fashion week girl at fashion show

Thank you for reading today's blog post and thank you House OF iKons for having me!

Stay Stylish,

Maya 💕


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