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How To Develop Your Inner Style - P1

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Hi M - squad it's Maya Glitters and today is part 1 of how to develop your inner style!

I have actually already covered this on my podcast - https://anchor.fm/themayaglittersshow, but why not talk about it in more depth again?

How To Develop Your Inner Style

In the picture above are a couple of my style icons:

1. Kylie Cantrall (actress and singer/songwriter)

Kylie's style is unique! She is not afraid to push boundaries and she is definitely a trend - setter not follower!

2. Marley Dias (activist and feminist) - to find out more about her click the link below


Marley's style is also very unique! I love the way that she never wears the exact same thing! She always looks to find new combinations/ try something fresh!

Back to inner style:

What is inner Style?

You are probably asking yourself what is inner style? Am I right? Inner style is your own personal style, it's what YOU like to wear, how you define yourself with your clothing. For example if you are a bit more sporty/athletic then your inner style revolves around that! You may not 100% understand what I'm saying now but as I go further through my "series you will DEFINITELY understand.

If you are more of an audio person, then check out my podcast episode about this topic by clicking the picture below or clicking the link below:


Thank you for reading this blog post I hope that it helped you start to understand what inner style is! Please stay tuned for the rest of this series and like this post/share it with family and friends!

From Maya Glitters😀


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