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How To Develop Your Inner Style - P2

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hi M - squad it's Maya Glitters and today is Part 2 of how to develop your inner style. This also available on my podcast - The Maya Glitters Show - so feel free to check it out!

Your Passions

When trying to develop your inner style, the next step is to think about your passions. What do you love doing/constantly do. For this series, I'm going to use a sporty/athletic girl as my example.

What does she like doing?

- long jump

- athletics

- running

- etc...

Her day - to day style would probably be a plain t - shirt/pair of leggings - how can she up - level that look? Make sure to check for next week's series blog post for the answer!

Dj Zel - Inner Style File

I love the way DJ Zel's outfits almost always include a hint of Ghana! I actually met her at Mini Mode fashion show (she was amazing)!

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