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How To Look Stylish On Zoom

Hi M - squad it's Maya Glitters and today I will be telling the one trick to looking good on camera during online meetings!

Online Meetings Maya Glitters

The Trick

All you need to do is WEAR frills or puffy sleeves on your shirt/top. This way, on a meeting you look fun, bubbly and bright! The reason the TOP needs to have frills or puff sleeves, is because on virtual meetings you would usually sit down so only the top half of you is visible. Often when I attend virtual events (and if you attend too), you will notice I wear frilly shirts/ wear puff sleeve tops.

Alternatively, you can do one of the following things when on camera:

- wear a layered outfit (it always looks interesting on camera)

- wear a hair accessory fot that extra WOW factor!

- wear a super colourful outfit (why not wear the colours of the rainbow)?

- wear some cute jewellry (for example a simple chain/pair of earrings)

Here is an example of a top which would look PERFECT on camera 📷


- Bright/Colourful ✅

- ruffles/puff sleeve ✅

- stylish! ✅

I just love this bright yellow blouse it will definitely look good on a virtual meeting, but it will aslo go well with a wide range of items. For example, this will look good with a pair of jeans (as shown), as well as a skirt!

Photo Credit - Shein - £6.49

Thank you for reading! I hope you found my tips helpful! Also remeber to take your mic 🎤off mute before you speak!😂

Stay Stylish,

Maya Glitters😄


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