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How To Wear Sequins

If you haven't already noticed, sequins are my thing. I love glitter and all things sparkly! Hence the name Maya Glitters! And today I'm going to be telling you about how you can wear sequins on a day-to-day basis! I'm going to be sharing tips and outfits you can try!

#1 - Wear Sequins with Something casual

sequin outfits on fashion blogger maya glitters

As shown in this outfit. I literally found a super plain outfit (a t-shirt and jeggings/jeans) and then added a sequin jacket on top. These sorts of basic swaps can really make you stand out from the crowd.

#2 - Pair A Sequin Jacket With A pair of Mom Jeans

sequin outfits on fashion blogger maya glitters

Once again here is a super simple swap! Instead of wearing denim on denim, try sequin on denim. In this outfit, the sequins aren't overpowering because the rest of the outfit is more casual. Sequins can be worn WITHOUT making you look "OTT".

#3 - If you are going to go all out, GO ALL OUT

sequin outfits on fashion blogger maya glitters

If you want to wear sequins with class GO FOR IT. GO ALL OUT. Don't just wear sequin trousers and a blouse, add glasses, add jewelry, add a watch, add some shiny trainers. GIVE OUTFITS YOUR ALL.

#4 - Wear What Makes You HAPPY

sequin outfits on fashion blogger maya glitters

At the end of the day, when styling sequins it all depends on you. If you prefer having a low-key style, then you do you, If you have a really "out-there sense of style", then you do you. YOU will choose how you style sequins. You chose whether it's sequins all over or sequins mixed with denim. It's all your choice.

Thank you for reading!

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