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I Am Inspired! Event #staymotivated

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

This year, because of lockdown The I Am Inspired Event will be an inspirational and motivational zoom seminar (which I am hosting). Come to the event to: be inspired to take your reins and live your dreams.


Founded by the incredible Leticia Simpson!

"Leticia is a motivational speaker, talk show host on the l8nighttalkshow - Sundays 9-11pm CityLockRadio, counsellor event planner and caterer. Leticia has hosted several events including A Night with the Authors, 'Super Power Live' featuring 'Eric Ho' who is a Celebrity Speaker', Philanthropist and about to enter Shark Tank! And a host of other events. Leticia was also the manager of Niks Ceo, author of best selling book 'Street Girl'!  Leticia's focus is on supporting, motivating, building and mentoring others to reach their potential. Leticia believes 'the family that learns and focuses together will develop and stay together', knowing that 'Comunication' is one of the biggest gaps in family life style! Often people just need that bit of support to enable them to help themselves and Leticia is that person!"

Bringing together amazing speakers to Inspire and Motivate you!

I Am Inspired brings together some wonderful players in the game under one roof to give you some inspiring inspiration! The day consists of 'Authors' of 'Real Life' Stories, Motivational Speakers from the age of '9', Entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors, publishers and a host of other valuable people willing to share.
This will no doubt inspire you to make a change in your life if needed or motivate and support you to continue to reach out for your dreams and aspirations!

Some of the previous speakers include:

From left to right go follow:

1. Kenya - Motivational Speaker and Founder of Kenyas Diaries https://kenyasdiaries.co.uk/ @kenyasdiaries

2. Lil Shan Shan - Rapper, Author and Motivational Speaker


3. Amazing Angel - Motivational Speaker, Author


4. Anne - Founder of Sustanbility Blog http://sustainablyoptimistic.com/


5. Inspiring Vanessa - Motivational Speaker


All of the above have style sense! But, I just can't get enough of Lil Shan Shan's pink jumper and sparkly denim jacket tied around her waist to compliment it! - super cute! I also LOVE Amazing Angel's 2 - layer top. She has perfectly put it together with her glittery grey trousers - EPIC!!

This year's leaflet with all details needed for event!


Get your tickets now using the link above! - Saturday 11th July 2020!

Follow them on their socials - @iaminspired

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