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If You Like Brandy Melville, You Will Love These 3 Stores

Hi M - squad! It's Maya Glitters here! Welcome back! You probably have a TikTok account and you have probably been scrolling through and you have probably seen the company "Brandy Melville" popping up EVERYWHERE!

The only problem is they don't have as much range as some of the other companies out there! So I did a bunch of research and found the BEST of the BEST!

Brandy Melville, Pull And Bear Maya Glitters

Photo Credit - Pull And Bear

Don't the above items look just like Brandy? Cute, cool and chic!

Princess Polly


They have such cute, aesthetic items and a HUGE range of clothing items AND accessories!

Pull And Bear




My personal favourite is Pull and Bear because I love the fact that all their pieces are chic and cute at the same time. What's your favourite? Don't forget to let me know what you think of these brands in the chat 💭.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like the stores I recommended!

Stay Stylish,

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