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Hi M - squad it's Maya Glitters! Today, as you can probably guess, is all about jumpsuits! I absolutely love them and think that they are essential for summer!

These are super cool for summer and are stylish as well (win - win situation)! Personally, I love denim jumpsuits (in all colours) but it's up to you. REMEMBER: ALWAYS EXPERIMENT!

I actually really like wide - leg jumpsuits because they look really stylish and modern.


Patterned wide - leg jumpsuits! I really like the bright colours in the first one, but I really like the second one. Although the dark jumpsuit's background isn't very colourful, I love the way the vivid flowers give it a pop of brightness!

Top Tip:

To put your own spin on jumpsuits why not try layering. Layering can completely change a look. For example: if you only have one jumpsuit but would like to mix up your style, put on a t - shirt or top underneath.

This is a perfect example of a layered jumpsuit. There is a plain white t - shirt beneath the striped all - in - one which compliments the plain hair clips and trainers perfectly!

Thank you so much for reading this! What are you waiting for? Tomorrow go on ; put on a jumpsuit and wear it proudly!

From Maya Glitters 😀


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