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Kurt Geiger - Rainbow Trend

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Hi m - squad it's Maya Glitters here! Welcome back to my blog! Today is all about the luxury brand Kurt Geiger and their RAINBOW collection!

Kurt Geiger Rainbow Maya Glitters
"Spread the rainbow and be kind" - Kurt Geiger

Their rainbow campaign was created to represent kindness, joy, inclusivity and hope AND I LOVE IT! Too often, as people get older, they begin to wear the colours black, white and grey but Kurt Geigers' rainbow collection proves that RAINBOWS brighten everything!🌈

A Couple Of Their Items

🌈Rainbow iPhone Cases

🌈Kurt Geiger Rainbow Bag

🌈Rainbow Mask

These are just three of the many rainbow products that Kurt Geiger sell check them out here https://www.kurtgeiger.com/trends-edit/rainbow-shoes-bags !

Photo Credits - Kurt Geiger

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