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Last - Minute Halloween Outfits

Hi M - squad! It's Maya Glitters here! Welcome back to my blog! It is the day before Halloween and I bet some of you still don't know what to wear! Don't worry, I've got you covered! Check out my simple outfit ideas below!

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White Rabbit

This has to be my favourite look of them all! It's cute and stylish and easy to put together. I didn't want to make these looks too fancy so that you can easily re-create them at home.

For this look, you will need -

- a decent blouse

- a skirt (preferably not denim)

- a pair of ears

- a hat

If you can't find a pair of ears (I mean not many people have a pair of ears lying around unless it was from World Book Day), then an alternative is a top hat or small top hat!

Don't Forget -

You don't have to copy my styling choices exactly (you can add in your own accessories/ swap out certain items).

I was also inspired by Bunny Blanc from Ever After High ⬇️

Joy From Inside Out

This look is super EASY and at the same time you still get a "Joy vibe"😄

You Will Need -

- a yellow hair accessory

- a yellow top

- a yellow pair of shorts

(the above is what I'm wearing but you can wear a yellow dress if you want). I also think it would be cool to wear a blue wig but I don't have one 😂

Super Woman/Super Girl

At one point when you were younger, you wanted to be a superhero right?😂⚡

I mean, who doesn't want to fly across the sky, read people's minds and be ⚡SUPER⚡?

To achieve this look I put together a sports outfit and a cape it's that easy.

I used a layered vest and mesh crop top and a pair of striped sports leggings. Then all you need to do is add a cape or superhero mask - it really is that easy!

A Witch

Finally, we have a witch. It's a classic I just had to include. So for this look, you need a black dress/top and some black jeans. I then added a starry - night scarf which is optional and some green cob-webs into my hair. 🕷🕸

Happy Halloween!🎃🎃

Stay Stylish,

Maya Glitters😄

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