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London Fashion Week Day 2

London Fashion Week Day 2 was incredible as I got to witness the "Sabirah by Deborah Latouche" latest collection.

The Fit

maya glitters london fashion week

Blazer - Aftershock

Skirt - Nastygal

Shoes - Asos

Glasses - Shein

After a full day's worth of virtual runway shows and presentations, I was ready to take on LFW Day 2! Day 2 consisted of a beautiful in-person showroom of the Sabirah By Deborah Latouche latest collection which I will be breaking down and sharing with you in the depth.

I honestly don't know how to put this Presentation into words. I love that there was a mix of bold shoulders, elegant silhouettes and also soft, pastel colours. The combination was magical.

In particular, I adored their use of specks of gold throughout their collection. I feel that by adding these details, any look is instantly elevated.

In the above picture, you can see some gold detail on the buttons of the shirts and also on the cuff detailing.

In the first picture on the left-hand side, shows the "Kadijha Dress". Both the femininity and also the bold, strong structure makes the dress irreplaceable. I also really like the modest element to this dress as it's covered all the way up to the neck by a frilled turtle-neck like top.

Maya Glitters x Sabirah Backstage Interview

Exclusively on Instagram IGTV, after carefully examining their collection, I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with Deborah Latouche the CEO, founder and designer behind Sabirah.

We talk about everything from her favourite piece in the collection and the sustainability aspect of her brand to Balenciaga and more!

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