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London Kids Fashion Week 2020!

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

I LOVE London Kids Fashion Week!

I just really like the way that fashion bloggers (like me), fashion designers, fashion influencers and so many more people who have a passion for fashion all come together o create something truly incredible. Recently, I was lucky enough to walk the runway for London Kids Fashion Week 2020 (Mini Mode Kids Fashion Show) http://mini-mode.co.uk/. The brand I walked for was Garment Streak https://www.instagram.com/garmentstreak/ and I really loved their t - shirts (they were very comfortable and made me feel confident walking down the runway).

Mini Mode is the creation of Amanda Rabor, creator of Isossy Children a global kids fashion brand in collaboration with a network of creatives, influencers, marketing experts, visionaries, media partners and sponsors wanting to establish a consistent platform for the kids fashion market which will showcase both emerging designers and major kids brands during LFW.

Check out the official September 2019 video above and don't forget to subscribe to their Youtube channel!

Cover photo right - Instagram - @little.lady.c

Some of the models above:

Instagram - @ryhannaparara05

Instagram - @kingche

Instagram - @dj__zel

Maya Glitters at Mini Mode

Here I am with Julianne one of my many Mini Mode friends who also sang at the event!

Go follow: @itz.julianne.x

Here are some of my top tips for the runway:

- Keep your head held high

- Stay confident

- Plan your ending pose before you get to the end

- Don't go too quickly

- Believe in yourself


- Have FUN

Here are my top tips for presenting:

- Practise,Practise,Practise

The more you practise the better you will get!

- Research what you will be talking about before you talk

This way when you come to actually talk, you will know a bit about your topic. This means if you for example forget what you were going to say, you would be able to fill it in with what you know.

I know I've only given you 2 top tips, but if you ACTUALLY follow them then you will have speaking success!

:0 - I know right?

Above is a short video featuring just a couple of the many amazing models at Mini Mode!