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Mini Mode Will Launch Their First Virtual Runway Show

I'm excited to announce that Mini Mode will be launching their first-ever Virtual Runway Show this February! I was lucky enough to get involved, and a behind the scenes vlog/ blog post will be coming out soon!

About The Event

“It has taken us a year to bring this very exciting and innovative way of presenting kids brands to buyers, press and consumers. Times have changed dramatically in the last twelve months in ways that can offer us new opportunities to share our gifts and talents. Our sponsors are passionate about reaching new audiences who are as diverse and inclusive as Mini Mode and our show offerings will be creative and fun!”

– Amanda Rabor, CEO of Mini Mode

The show will run on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th. Friday's show will be the industry show and Saturday will be the consumer show for the general public! It will feature AW21 collections from exquisite diverse clothing brands!

This year's event is sponsored by Harikuma:

Harumika’s themed toy mannequin collections are a big hit with young budding fashionistas who can create their very own line of bespoke couture designs without the need for any needles, thread, glue or scissors. This season Harumika is launching a new collection to appeal to a new generation with designs and fabrics inspired by creative agency NellyRodi.

- Taken from Harikum, Mini Mode

This year's event is also sponsored by VIP Pets.

VIP Pets sell pet-themed dolls and some models on the runway will feature with VIP pets wigs (they actually look soo cute)!

That's all for today's blog post as I don't want to give away too much before the show. And as I said a BTS blog post is coming on Sunday!

Make sure you tune in live on their Youtube Channel - Mini Mode Youtube

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