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Ok, but Can Everyone Quit Hating On Legwarmers

Hi, msquad! It's Maya Glitters here! Welcome back to my blog! Today is all about how legwarmers are coming back! They have even been worn by Billie Eilish.

Some people seem to instantly disregard legwarmers because they were "only" fashionable in the 1980s. But it's official, they are coming back. At the moment, they are ALLLL over Pinterest and social media. They have also been styled alongside Billie Eilish's new merch collection. I personally think that legwarmers are just super cute (especially when styled over chunky trainers).

Legwarmers were originally worn by Ballerina's to help their ankles warm up whilst they were dancing. It can also prevent leg cramps/muscle injury. Leg warmers are also worn by ballerinas during colder weather purely to keep them warm.

Legwarmers are back

Previously, legwarmers were only associated with the Y2k aesthetic, but now legwarmers are known to be versatile. They can be styled in so so many different ways and go with many different aesthetics and styles.

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