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How To ACTUALLY Shop For Clothes Online

Hi, msquad it's Maya Glitters here! Today is all about how to shop for clothes online!

I know you're probably thinking - "I already know how to shop for clothes online"!

BUT, every time you start to sit down at your laptop, I bet that you end up:

#1 forgetting what you ACTUALLY need

#2 spending hours just scrolling through pages of items

#3 getting stressed, annoyed and angry

how to shop online maya glitters

My Past Experiences -

And don't worry about the things that sometimes happen that I listed above bc this used to happen to me ALL the time. I would always sit down, without really knowing what I wanted to buy then I would get annoyed bc I just couldn't find what I wanted. Then I would sit there for AGES literally just strolling through and through!

4 Ways To Have A Better Online Shopping Experience

1. Download & Print my PDF

Screenshot and print and fill in!

2. Give Yourself 20 mins ONLY

This sounds pretty standard, but actually sticking to it is actually hard! YOU NEED SELF DISCIPLINE! ONLY give yourself 20mins. No more no less.

3. Go through your wardrobe beforehand

This is also pretty standard but surprisingly not many people do. Not many people actually bother. But, BE BOTHERED bc if you don't you'll regret your purchases and you will have to return and do all that stuff.

4. Have a look through my past blog posts for inspiration

Feel free to have a look at my past blog posts for inspiration!

Thank you for reading today's post!

Stay Stylish,

Maya Glitters✨


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