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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Hi M - Squad! It's Maya Glitters and today I'm doing a colour post featuring bright settings! I hope you enjoy!


I just love this picture! I call this the "Sparkle Shop"😀 I think the sequin background is epic and the pastel water bottles go perfectly with my hair bobbles!

You are probably thinking: "Maya Glitters always goes on about how she thinks bright colours are super cool. But, why is she wearing a grey hoodie?" To answer your question the reason I'm wearing a grey hoodie is because of my brightly coloured hair accessories. I believe that because I'm wearing such brightly coloured hair bobbles, a slightly less colourful top would compliment it better. Get my thinking now?

Just because I've worn a less colourful top does NOT mean you have to. Remember - ALWAYS experiment!


This is the brightest yellow I have EVER seen on a wall. Honestly when I saw the wall I thought it was fake LOL!😀

Notice how I topped it of with a pink and purple face mask? It adds to the complimentary colours!


I really, really, really like the pastel blue!

It looks really modern and goes extremely well with my face mask!


#rainbowsforlife #goals

I LOVE RAINBOWS! This giant rainbow is totally EPIC! It's enormous and super fun!


I LOVE these Dr Martens! Not only are they stylish lace ups, but they are my favourite colour (pink) #pinkgoals !

To get Dr Martens click the image!

I love the metallic ones as well!


I know I have kind of already featured the "Sparkle Shop" as I call it! But I just had to show you more! The layout is awesome and my favourite colour! In addition, they sell eco - friendly, re - usable water bottles.

Thank you for reading! I hope this will inspire you to use sustainable products and experiment with YOUR OWN INNER STYLE!

From Maya Glitters 😀

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