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Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Hey Besties! Welcome back to my blog, today I'm rating the top 5 summer fashion trends!


1. Rectangular Sunglasses

Maya Glitters in tshirt from shein sunglasses and trainers from asos. Girl in carpark

Personally, I love this trend and would rate it a 10/10. I feel like they elevate any look regardless of what you are wearing. You can style them with a relaxed loungewear outfit or a classy dress!

2. Chunky Rings

As a whole, I think they are cute but it depends on what you wear them with and how many you wear. In my opinion, I don't think you should go overboard and wear over 5 per hand because otherwise, it will be too overpowering. So I would rate it 8/10 bc they can still look super cute.

Photo Credit - https://holrmagazine.com/

3.Milkmaid Dresses

YESSSSSSS. Milkmaid dresses are legit so cute I love them so so much! They look stylish yet effortless and with the right accessories they look ✨perfect✨ Trust me, THESE ARE THE WAY TO GO.


Photo Credit - Etsy Kiwekiwi USA

4. Zebra Print

Maya Glitters wearing Zebra print from shein and pretty little thing

YESSS PLS. Zebra print is a must. It looks clean, effortless and classyy. I love to go all out with print, but if you prefer simpler styles I would advise wearing a zebra print accessory such as a hairband, bag or top.

10/10 - I could wear Zebra any day

5. Crochet

Ummm. where do I start? So as a whole. crochet isn't bad but I just feel like first, it's too hot for summer and therefore impractical. And second, I have just never been keen on the texture. I don't like wearing it as the main outfit, But I feel like it's ok to wear an accessory. So I give it a 6/10.

6. Dress Dungarees

I love themmmmm! It looks so pretty and so cute and makes you feel amazingggg!


7. Jumper and Shirt

Some days during summer it gets kinda cold and here is the perfect thing!


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