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The Cutest On-The-Go Outfit & Monochrome Styling

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There is something about having a monochrome outfit that feels fresh, clean and fun. I love to have a specific colour in mind every time I put together an outfit and then try and find clothing pieces that match accordingly.

Like most of you, I have been living in loungewear lately, and to swap out a pair of tracksuit bottoms for a skirt felt very refreshing and exciting!

If you want to up-level this look slightly, you can always accessorise with a cute pair of sunglasses or a layered necklace.

But I beleive that the oversized t-shirt really made the whole look.

spring outfit ideas oversized tshirt
House Of Junior Arty Tshirt oversized. kids fashion blogger

Keep scrolling because I will be showing you a couple of my fave oversized t-shirts you can use to recreate my look!

I love a bit of Tie - dye! SHOP HERE



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