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The One Bag You NEED This Winter

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Disclaimer - The bag mentioned in this blog post was gifted.

We can all agree, a good bag is ESSENTIAL when it comes to carrying around your necessities and looking stylish at the same time. In today's post, I will be sharing with you the best bag to invest in this Winter!

sinbono bag

Trousers - Pretty Little Thing



I love SINBONO due to their uniquely shaped bags! I chose their purple "Drawstring Bag", but they sell a range of other stylish handbags too! I really like the gold detailing near the straps and on the hooks. I feel that by adding a touch of gold, their bags are instantly elevated and look a lot more classy!

I also admire the ruched handle which once again makes the bag appear more chic and high class!

About SINBONO Bags

SINBONO is a luxury high-end vegan leather bag brand. They are building a legacy for the fashionistas and trendsetters who also strive to look after our environment. SINBONO is a leader in the bag industry.

At SINBONO, we consider it our duty to not only manufacture on-trend fashion accessories but to do so in a way that doesn’t harm animals and the environment. That's why we use recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed fruit leathers to create our signature range of vegan bags.

This was one of the major factors that drew me to their brand as I feel that as of right now, not many brands are truly taking action to help look after our Earth, but SINBONO HAVE and ARE already making a change!

SINBONO’S bags are so versatile and easy to style I have displayed just 2 outfits but there are endless possibilities.

How To Style A Statement Bag

  1. Go for a plain coloured outfit to let your bag stand out

  2. Use the colour wheel to help you choose the colour of your outfit

In the above look, I chose to go for plainer colours so that the bag could stand out, however in a future look, I will most likely wear a yellow/orange outfit!

3 . Choose another semi bold statement clothing item to complement the bag

SHOP NOW AT - https://www.sinbono.com/

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