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4 TikTok Fashion Trends You Need To Know For 2021

Hi, msquad! It's Maya Glitters here! Welcome back! Today's post is all about trends you will see all over your TikTok in 2021!

photo credit - @callmefeigh

Bucket hats are in! Just make sure you don't wear the thin-rimmed ones. Bucket hats can be worn with almost any outfit! My faves are the fluffy ones!

They are actually too cute 💖💖💖

Start wearing bucket hats in your videos before everyone else does, if you want to be known as "That Fashion Girl"

Photo Credit Shein

GET ON THIS TREND NOW! This is not only trendy on TikTok but it's a predicted 2021 trend too! There are so many great places you can shop tye-dye from:

- New look

- Shein

- River Island

Oversized jumpers are not going anywhere in 2021! Now they are even styled as dresses. So feel free to style them how you like!

Isn't this look just so cute? I love how the Boohoo Brooklyn jumoer is styled with a polo neck, it just makes it that extra bit edgy.

Vlick the photo to shop 💖💖

Photo Credit - Boohoo

Now this may be unexpeceted but it is. So I did some research and found this trend hasn't been hugely "publisized" yet! SO YOU CAN START WEARING THIS TREND BEFORE THE OTHERS DO!

Thank you so much for reading today's blog post!

Stay Stylish, Maya Glitters✨


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