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Zara's Viral Polka Dot Dress

Hi M - squad! It's Maya Glitters and today is all about Zara's polka dot dress - IT WENT VIRAL!

Zara's Viral Polka Dot Dress Maya Glitters

Photo Credits: @susiejverril, Zara, Marie Claire

Why Has It Gone Viral?

No one really knows why this dress has gone viral, but some think they may know.

I think it has gone viral because:

- It's versatile

It can be used as casual dress and a formal dress meaning that more people are likely to purchase it

- It fits ALL sizes

The dress is oversized which means it fits all sizes. Whatever your size, you can easily compliment it with a stylish belt (both narrow and broad belts look chic)!

- Polka Dots are trending right now

This one's pretty much self - explanatory😂

You may have noticed when I created the cover image for this post, in the middle there is a little girl wearing a polka dot dress.

At the moment this VIRAL dress is for women, but I predict that this will go viral for kids!

I bet in a month's time or so, this will be EVERYWHERE!

Let's see what happens😂

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